Community image and source on Github

December 21, 2015By Markus Donko-Huberprototype

Today we are happy to announce the release of the upribox community image on Github. The Github repository features a recommended hardware list, so get your Raspberry Pi 2 and built your own Usable Privacy Box. We also plan to offer complete upribox bundles (including all required hardware + pre-installed software). [waitlisted title=”join the upribox … Read More

upribox – Alpha Batch

November 10, 2015By Markus Donko-Huberevents, prototype

We are happy to announce our first batch of upriboxes – the upribox “alpha batch”. The alpha batch consists of 25 complete upribox packages (Raspberry Pi 2, preinstalled/customized upribox software, WiFi dongle, power supply, and a 3D-printed case). The first upribox found its lucky owner during a raffle at the ITSecX in St. Pölten. The … Read More

Project hardware and development set-up

January 18, 2015By Markus Donko-Huberprototype

The first tasks of our upribox project consisted in setting up all prerequisites for the first prototype. In order to manage software development we decided to use Gitlab. Our own private Git set-up helps to coordinate the development of our first prototype between our team of IT security and Media technology students from FH St. … Read More