First functional prototype at netidee Spring Talk

This week, the netidee Spring Talk took place at the IMPACT HUB Vienna. The day started of with two interesting workshops on business development and open-source license models. The netidee team did a great job at organizing this event and to foster the exchange between the different projects. I was especially glad to meet the guys from GPGTools, another Austrian privacy-focused project, which recently got awarded a grant from DuckDuckGo. In addition to top-notch projects on Internet security and privacy, netidee brings together a bunch of creative tinkerers, entrepreneurs, and researchers from Austria. The Spring Talk event, including my upribox presentation, has been featured in Der Standard.

First functional upribox prototype
First functional upribox prototype (netidee / Anna Rauchenberger)

In addition to brief update on the progress of the upribox project, I showcased our first functional prototype. This first prototype was created in collaboration with three Top Security Master students from the UAS St. Pölten (Anton Hinterleitner, Aron Molnar, Alexander Kolmann). Our prototype is based on the new Raspberrypi 2 and a number of open-source projects, including: Raspbian, dnsmasq, privoxy, Tor, and nginx. Our prototype already blocks trackers and advertising transparently. Currently, we are working on a number of challenging tasks: setting-up IKEv1/IKEv2 a VPN server based on strongSwan, improving the ad/tracker filters, and the upribox webinterface. In the beginning of May, I will give a talk about the upribox project at the “Linuxwochen Vienna 2015”.