About Us

The upribox Project

The upribox project was founded by Markus Donko-Huber in 2014. Our mission: make the protection of online privacy and security as simple as possible. We won the special award for Privacy projects by netidee in 2015. In 2016 we got additional funding by netidee for the upribox2 project.

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Project Team

Dr. Markus Donko-Huber
Gernot Rottermanner
Tobias Dam
Stefanie Größbacher
Julian Schrittwieser


The upribox project would not have been possible without the contributions of these amazing people:
Peter Judmaier, Gernot Rottermanner (Usability), Lisa Gringl, Stefanie Größbacher (Design), Bernhard Zeller (Web Development), Julian Rauchberger, Tobias Dam, Julian Schrittwieser (Software Development, Security Research), Aron Molnar, Anton Hinterleitner, Alex Kolmann (Network Security, Software Prototype), Daniel Zeisner, Matthias Borowski (Industrial Design)