The upribox makes privacy enhancing technology generally accessible. Its based on the Raspberry Pi 2 and provides the following features:

Silent WiFi  

Ads and trackers are blocked in websites and mobile applications.

Ninja WiFi  

Traffic is in addition routed through the Tor anonymity network.

VPN Server  

Protection for open WiFi access points on the move.

The upribox project started in January 2015 and is lead by Markus Huber. Funding for this research project is provided by IPA's 9th call of netidee.


Project Funding

St. Pölten UAS

Project Lead

upribox Source

The community image including all source code is available on Github.

Follow us on Twitter (@usableprivacy) for updates.

upribox Team:

Peter Judmaier, Gernot Rottermanner (Usability)
Lisa Gringl (Design), Bernhard Zeller (Web Development)
Julian Rauchberger, Tobias Dam (Software Development, Security, Configuration Management)
Aron Molnar, Anton Hinterleitner, Alex Kolmann (Network Security, Software Prototype)
Daniel Zeisner, Matthias Borowski (Industrial Design)